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Panna Tiger Reserve

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Panna Tiger Reserve is a prime tiger-land located in Vindhya hills in northern Madhya Pradesh. The park consists of a fragile, though dynamic, dry deciduous forest. The landscape of the park is characterised by extensive plateaus and gorges, and is often called the land of mesmerising waterfalls. The park is brimming with natural and archaeological splendour and is an area of legends and cultural richness. Panna Tiger Reserve is one of the most important protected area in the north-central highlands of India.


  • Today, Panna is the most outstanding, well-managed habitat for all the wildlife creatures of India. The national park is an ideal home to variety of flora and fauna including cheetals, chinkaras, sambhar and sloth bears. Panna is also an ideal home to the king of the jungles- the royal Bengal tigers along with his fellow carnivore beings such as leopards, wild dogs, Indian wolf, hyaena, caracaland other smaller cats. Panna also boasts variety of snakes, including the python and other reptiles in the vicinity. The wooded areas are dotted with sambar, the largest of Indian deers, chital and chowsingha. One can easily see nilgai and chinkara in most open areas in the grasslands, especially on the periphery.
  • The number of bird species found in Panna is 200 that include the migratory counts. One can find the species like white necked stork, bareheaded goose, honey buzzard, king vulture, blossom-headed parakeet, paradise flycatcher, slaty-headed scimitar babbler while on a safari inside this beautiful park.

  • State - Madhya Pradesh
  • Area - 1578 sq. km
  • Core Area - 576 sq. km
  • Altitude - 410 meter above sea level
  • Location - Chahatarpur and Panna districts
  • Temperature Range - 45°C to 10°C
  • Annual Rainfall - 1120 mm
  • Best time to Visit - November to April
  • Vegetation - Dry teak trees and dry mixed forest
  • Water Resource - Ken river is the major river of the park, with numerous small streams and waterfalls distributed throughout the park


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