Pench Tiger Reserve

Madhya Pradesh

In the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is located in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara, is one of the premier tiger reserves of India, and the first one to straddle across two states - Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ordinarily, the reference to Pench is mostly to the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

Named after the pristine River Pench which flows through the park, Pench National Park is one of the most popular wildlife reserves in India. The park is one of the major Protected Areas of Satpura-Maikal ranges of the central highlands, which is among the most important tiger habitats of the world. Pench Tiger Reserve is among the sites notified as Important Bird Areas of India. This is one of the highest herbivores densities in India.


Wildlife and Birdlife

The carnivore fauna is represented by the tiger, leopard, dhole, jungle cat, and small Indian civet. Wolves occur on the fringes and outside the reserve limits. Striped hyena, sloth bear, golden jackal, and common palm civet make up the rest of the carnivore fauna of the reserve.

Chital, sambar, gaur, nilgai, wild pig, Indian muntjac and chowsingha, are the wild ungulate species found in the area. With the distribution of water governing their movement patterns to a great extent, gaur migrate down from the hills during the dry season and occupy the forests along the Pench River and other sources of water, and migrate back to the hill forests during the monsoon. Nilgai are found mostly in a few open areas, along forest roads, scrub jungles and fringe areas of the reserve. Chowsingha are more localized to the greatly undulating areas of the reserve. Barking deer are seen infrequently in moist riverine stretches. Chinkara are infrequently seen on the open areas bordering and outside the buffer zone of the reserve.

The common northern plains grey langur and rhesus macaque represent the primate fauna of the area. The Indian porcupine, two species of mongoose namely common mongoose and ruddy mongoose, and black-naped hare also occur in this tiger reserve.


Quick Facts



Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra


1920 sq. km

Core Area

868 sq. km


580 to 675 meter above sea level


Seoni and Chhindwara districts

Temperature Range

45°C to 12°C

Annual Rainfall

1390 mm

Best time to Visit

October to April


Teak mixed with other species like saja, bijiayasal, lendia, haldu, dhaora, salai, aonla, amaltas

Water Resource

The Pench Hydroelectric Project dam has been constructed on the Pench River which provides most of the water to the park, but often floods after heavy monsoon downpour.