About Us

Your ultimate Indian wilderness partner

We are a team of seasoned wildlife travellers and naturalists who have a cumulative experience of the forests of India for over 25 years. We are here to help you get the best of your next trip to the wilderness. Be it a leisure trip with your family on an upcoming extended weekend, or your dream wildlife photography expedition covering multiple locations, we got you covered for all! We have tailor-made itineraries for all your needs, and if you want an extra touch of personalisation, we got that on table as well.

We are not just a wildlife safari facilitating company. In fact, our main focus is on providing a holistic and extensive feel of the Indian natural heritage. In our trips, we try and incorporate activities and excursions such as village visits, interaction with tribals, foot trails into the buffer forest zones, sessions with the forest department officials, and so much more, to ensure that you get the best of all the experiences.

Our team consists of a variety of experts, including photographers, naturalists, and trackers, and we have tie-ups with the best wildlife lodges all around the country. We have our preferred drivers and forest guides in all the best national parks and tiger reserves of India, and we absolutely do not compromise in our quality standards. From the intracity transfer vehicles, to the AWD safari gypsies, we are highly particular about the comfort and safety of all our guests, and using our decades of experience in this field, we can give you the best of the best, and guarantee a soulful wildlife travel through the wild woods of India.

Have a look at few of our tours on offer, or hit us up on email for a customised itinerary suiting your travel needs below!